Preschool Parents: Now's the Time!

Dear Universe: Send me the Parents of the 3’s and 4’s… 

I’m starting to lose sleep over the thought of parents might attend that critical transition-to-Kindergarten IEP meeting without first spending time with an IEP Consultant. And I need my sleep, friends, so I’m putting my thoughts down on paper and sharing them far and wide!

It has been my hope for a long while now to spend time working with anyone and everyone who is new (or new-ish) to special education. 

You deserve to fully understand the IEP process before Day 1 of Kindergarten, when everything in your child’s school day becomes… faster. More nuanced. More complicated, frankly, and more overwhelming to your family, to your child, and even to the school staff. When there is stress or disagreement, it tends to snowball until parents educate themselves and find their voices as meaningful participants on the IEP team. (This does not happen overnight, no matter when you...

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